"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."
"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."

IBBY. The Old Lion Publishing House
Greetings! The Ukrainian section of IBBY is very pleased to announce the new director and board members, who will continue to promote, share, and support the development of an international understanding through children’s books within and outside Ukraine. Please, welcome Alla Gordienko, Tetyana Kyzilova, Olga Dubova, Myroslava Voloschak, and Nastasia Shygaieva! The IBBY headquarters are now located in Kiev at the National Library of Ukraine for Children, which is the main children's library in Ukraine. We would like to thank the previous director, Tatiana Shchukina, and the board members for their dedication, and we are happy to learn from our colleagues around the world, since working for IBBY-Ukraine is quite a new experience for us. We will be honored to work together with the IBBY group and follow all the necessary steps to gain experience as we go forward.
Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014
The picturebook The Stars and Poppy Seeds (2014) created by Art Studio Agrafka (Andriy Lesiv and Romana Romanyshyn) and published by the Old Lion Publishing House was awarded the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014 in the section of Opera Prima. This book is about Dora, a daughter of well-known mathematicians, who loves to count more than anything else. While admiring the Milky Way, she wants to count every particle of stardust. Dora soon learns that to achieve any dream, one needs to handle complicated tasks by accomplishing small steps. The book was translated into English by Oksana Lushchevska and Michael M. Naydan. The English translation was officially presented at Bologna Children’s Book Fair and is available via the Old Lion Publishing House.
Referring to the meaning of the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2014 for Ukraine, Marjana Savka, the editor of The Old Lion Publishing House, says: “This is the first time we nominated our books for the Bologna Ragazzi Award, and we are extremely happy that the authoritative and professional award committee has recognized a Ukrainian book so highly. Ukraine is currently in the spotlight of the whole world, and it is very important for us that this book becomes an indicator that we speak a common language with the rest of the world – the language of human values and creativity.”
In addition, Andriy Lesiv and Romana Romanyshyn commented: “The Bologna Ragazzi Award is an immensely high achievement. This award is very important not only for us as authors, but for the whole field of children’s literature and Ukraine in general. It automatically places the Ukrainian publishing business on the global level, inserts Ukrainian children’s literature in a topical world context, and opens multiple opportunities for the development of professional relationships, growth and collaboration.”
The BBC Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2013
Who’ll Make the Snow by Marjana Prohasko and Taras Prohasko won the BBC’s Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2013 award. Written in the classic tradition of The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, Marjana Prohasko and Taras Prohasko’s novel will delight readers with its fast paced simplicity and its timelessness. Following a family of moles from Beechtree Forest, readers will learn about their treasured day-to-day life, the birth of two children and the adoption of a young rabbit, which turns out to be a new experience for them all. How will they manage fourteen children, the father’s work at a newspaper, and French language lessons? How will the young moles tackle their fears and learn to live together? And, what happens when the first snow falls? These are questions raised by the authors.
The book explores the complexities of growing up, wishing to understand the world and outgrowing fears. The hallmark of the book lies in its philosophical dimension that invites readers to actively and critically approach the world surrounding them. In Who’ll Make the Snow, the authors cope with challenging topics by accurately leading readers through the emotions and feelings of its young protagonists.


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