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IBBY. Books From Ukraine
Українська дитяча література, у тому числі – книжки Старого Лева, - в новинах європейської секції IBBY. The International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) – Міжнародна рада з дитячої та юнацької книги, найвпливовіша організація у світі, що займається дитячою літературою, заснована Єллою Лепман.
From Ukraine
The picturebook The War that Changed Rondo (2015) created by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv and published by the Old Lion Publishing House was listed in the section of “Special Mentions” of the Bologna New Horizons Award 2015!
Three friends Danko, Star, and Fabian narrate the story of their peaceful life in a small town of Rondo, The War that Changed Rondo provides a strong basis for setting up a dialogue between readers about the devastating consequences of war in general and specifically the war in Ukraine. How do people live during war time? What does their daily routine look like? What are the major consequences of the war for people? What are their inner and outer wounds? The War that Changed Rondo reflects the ambiguity of war and is a definite tribute to peace. It also puts a great emphasis on humankind’s global similarities and interconnections.
Ukraine at Bologna Children's Book Fair 
Ukrainian children's literature was presented at Bologna Children's Book Fair 2015 by The Old Lion Publishing House and Fountain of Fairy Tales Publishing House. This was the third year that Ukrainian children’s literature was officially presented at Bologna!
The BBC Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2014
A middle-grade novel Go, Dragons! written and illustrated by Katia Shtanko and published by the A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha Publishing House won the BBC Ukrainian Children’s Book of the Year 2014 award. Go, Dragons! tells a story of the complexities of one boy growing up and finding a place in his family and community. The novel engages readers with many mysterious adventures and in this way reflects a variety of geographical areas of Ukraine.
“Critic’s Rating:” Top-10 Children’s Books 
In November, a group of children’s literature experts and enthusiasts established an independent children’s literature rating. “Critic’s Rating” aims to evaluate Ukrainian children’s books that are widely available in the Ukrainian mainstream book market, and draw up a top-10 list of the highest quality children’s books. The goal of “Critic’s Rating” is to bring the best quality books to the attention of educators, librarians, and parents as well as a wide reading audience. The jury members of 2014 were: Valentyna Vzdulska, Iryna Baturevych, Oksana Hmelovsla, Olha Kuprian, Tetiana Shcherbachenko, Mariia Semenchenko, Volodymyr Cherneshenko, Iryna Komarenets, and Mira Kyivska.
Best fiction children’s books of 2014:
Dushnytsia by Volodymyr Arieniev, illustrated by Oleksandr Prodan, Kyiv-Mohyla Publishing House. Ages 12+. 
Where the Sea Disappeared by Mariana Prokhasko and Taras Prokhasko, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 4+. 
The Evening Stores of Volytska Street by Halyna Tkachuk, illustrated by Nataliia Pastushenko, Tempora Publishers. Ages 9+.
Go, Dragons!  by Katia Shtanko, The A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha Publishing House. Ages 8+.
The Fairy Tales of Sashko, the Lyrist, illustrated by Inokentii Korshunov, Green Pes Publishers. Ages 9+. 
A Pumpkin Year by Kateryna Babkina, illustrated by Juliia Pylupchatina, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 8+.
Best poetry picturebooks of 2014:

About a Whale by Oksana Lushchevska, illustrated by Violetta Borigard, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 3+. 
Скільки? / How many? by Halyna Kyrpa, illustrated by Olha Havrylova, Bratske Publishers. Ages 3+.
Best prose picturebooks: 
Ukrainian Proverbs by Anastasiia Stefurak, The Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 4+. 
Antomimes by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv, the Old Lion Publishing House. Ages 3+.
An International Collaboration: From the I-Book to the Picturebook
The Osnovy Publishing House recently published a picturebook based on the popular i-book Mirror Me created by Bradin Farnworth and Yuliya Sobotyuk. This picturebook is an international collaboration between the author and illustrator, which adds a definite diverse perspective to the themes of self-identity and self-realization as well as to the format of picturebooks, which is a fast developing format in Ukraine. 
A Bilingual Picturebook
As the result of a fundraising project “A Step Ahead: Becoming Global with Bilingual Ukrainian-English Picturebooks,” the second bilingual picturebook  Монетка/A Coin by Ania Khromova and Anna Sarvira was published (Bratske Publishers). The aim of this project is to bring about possibilities and provide advantages to learn from/about Ukrainian children’s literature, to familiarize readers with the Ukrainian language, to use bilingual literature in educational settings and Ukrainian immigrant communities, and to assist Ukrainian readers in learning the English language.
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