"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."
"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."

The book “I See That” by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv is among the world`s most beautiful editions
Incredible news! The picture book by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv (Art Studio “Agrafka”) “I See That” is among the winners of one of the most important competitions of book design from all over the world by Stiftung Buchkunst – “The Best Book Design from all over the World 2019”. The book which was published for the first time in Ukraine at “The Old Lion Publishing House” in 2018 has won the bronze medal. We congratulate Romana and Andriy! We truly rejoice and we are really proud of this victory!
“At the Frankfurt Book Fair, we always spend a lot of time near the stand of this competition; we did not even expect to be among the winners. We are incredibly happy and grateful”, –Romana and Andriy confess.
“On some of the pages the book becomes pedagogical, where the vision of bees, owls, horses, cats and dogs is compared, for example, or even Braille; though it is not tangible, the letters are depicted with red dots. Graphical and visual style of the book is impressive … It is simply a pleasure to observe the whole diversity of shapes”,the official website of the competition informs.
Each year, an independent international jury meets in February in Leipzig to select 14 outstanding books from about 600 editions from more than 34 countries. This time the jury included Ricardo Baez (Venezuela), Valeria Bonin (Switzerland), Sasha Fronczek (Germany), Simon Hessler (Sweden), Rob van Hoesel (the Netherlands). The jury chooses the winners who are awarded with the "Goldene Letter" as the highest award, as well as the gold medal, two silver, five bronze medals, and five honourable accolades. Finally, this year's list of books with the best design, in addition to the Ukrainian one, included books from the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and others. Follow this link to find more information about the winners.
The winners will be awarded during the ceremony at the annual Leipzig Book Fair. All submitted books and winners in particular will be presented at the exhibitions “Best Book Design from All Over the World” and “Book Art International” at Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fairs.
We remind you that the books “Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper” and “I See That” by Romana and Andriy have already been translated into dozens of languages; they received a number of world awards, including, in particular, the victory at “Bologna Ragazzi Award 2018” in the nomination “Non Fiction”.


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