"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."
"На жаль нічого не вдалось знайти за вашим запитом."

Art Studio “Agrafka” are the winners of “Bologna Ragazzi Award 2018” in the nomination “Non Fiction”
On the eve of the Bologna Book Fair, the winners of the annual “Bologna Ragazzi Award”, which is the most prestigious international award in the field of children's literature, were selected. The books “Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper” and "I See That" by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv ("Agrafka” Art Studio), which were published for the first time at “The Old Lion Publishing House”, have been recognized as the best in the genre of non-fiction for children this year.
 Publishing houses from all over the world presented over 1,000 book titles and 116 digital records, so it was not an easy task for the international jury to make their choices. This is already the third time that the Art Studio "Agrafka" won the "Bologna Ragazzi Award". In 2014, the winner of the competition in the nomination "Opera Prima" was their book "Stars and Poppy Seeds", and in 2015 the book "The War that Changed Rondo" became the best in the nomination "New Horizons".
“In short – we are happy! – Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv say. – This is our third and most important victory in Bologna. And taking into account the number and quality of the books from all over the word, this is a special honour. The victory in the category means that the awarded project is a kind of a trendsetter; it`s a great recognition. In addition, this award is an ultra powerful motivator for continuing the work over uniquely designed projects. However, the success would not be possible without the great teamwork at each stage of creation of these two books, for which we do not get tired of thanking “The Old Lion Publishing House”.
We remind you that the edition “Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper” has already won the award of the International Biennial of Illustrations in Bratislava “ВІВ 2017”. In addition, the books by “Agrafka” have been published in South Korea, France, Argentina, Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland.
Art Studio “Agrafka” is a creative and family tandem of artists Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv. They are one of the most popular Ukrainian illustrators abroad. In 2012, the fairy-tale “Ripka” in the interpretation of Ivan Franko and in creatively illustrative embodiment by “Agrafka” was included in the world catalogue of best children`s books “White Ravens”. In 2013, the cooperation of the illustrators with “The Old Lion Publishing House” started with the collection “Pentateuchby Hrytsko Chubay. To date, six author's books by Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv have been published in the publishing house: “Antomimy” (2014), "Stars and Poppy Seeds" (2014), cardboard book My Room, My Home, and Things I Own(2015), “The War that Changed Rondo” (2015), “Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper” (2017) and “I See That” (2018). The book "Stars and Poppy Seeds" has received an award of Bologna International Children's Book Fair. The book “The War that Changed Rondo” received an award of the jury of Bologna International Children's Book Fair and was included in the catalogue “White Ravens”. The cover by “Agrafka” of the book “George's Secret Key to the Universe” by Lucy and Stephen Hawking was included to the long list of the winners of “The Global Illustration Award” at Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2017 their picture book “Loudly, Softly, in a Whisper” and alphabet encyclopaedia  “Franko from A to Z”, published in “The Old Lion Publishing House”, were awarder with «BIB PLAQUE» from Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava.


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